For 49 years, Sportswomen of Colorado has been promoting the participation in sports by females in Colorado.

Sports is a vehicle to promote the life skills necessary to be successful. From learning how to work hard to being a part of a team, sports pave the way for young people to develop the skills needed to be a leader in their community.  Participating in sports and physical activity provides the needed stimulation to live a healthy life mentally, physically, and emotionally.

“By age 14 many girls are dropping out of sports at two times the rate of boys. The reasons they drop out? Lack of access, safety and transportation issues, social stigma, decreased quality of experience, cost, lack of positive role models.”

–     Women’s Sports Foundation



Sportswomen of Colorado promotes, honors, and empowers Colorado girls and women in sport



Lifelong participation in sports provides girls and women the confidence, leadership skills, and commitment needed to impact their communities


1. Recognize and celebrate excellence

2. Connect and unify

3. Support and promote participation while eliminating barriers


Founded in 1974 by the YWCA of Metropolitan Denver, in cooperation with Gart Brothers Sporting Goods Co., Sportswomen of Colorado is recognized as the first community-based organization in the nation to honor female athletes at the state level.

Twenty-eight awards, plus a surprise “Sportswoman of the Year” award, were presented at the inaugural 1975 banquet, drawing 225 people to the YWCA Cultural Center.

Masters Sports awards were launched in 1979, the SWOC Hall of Fame made its debut at the 1982 banquet and the first athlete with a disability sports award was given at the 1983 banquet.

In 1984, following the 10th anniversary banquet attended by a capacity crowd of 450, the SWOC organization became independent with the support of corporate and individual sponsors.

A SWOC girls’ scholarship program, funding sports camp experiences for deserving girls continues after being initiated in the summer of 2001.

More than 2,200 women have been spotlighted for sports achievement awards.


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