Valarie Allman

Year: 2021

Award: Sportswoman of the Year

Affiliation: Longmont, Colorado

Valarie Allman knows how to put on a show. The 26-year-old discus thrower went to the 2020-2021 Tokyo Olympics and put some distance between her and the competition. Allman throw of 68.98 meters (226 feet 3.75 inches) would win gold and become the best throw in American history. Allman became the third American woman to win gold in the discus (1932 and 2008). After the Olympic, Allman travelled to compete in the ISTAF meet in Berlin. There Allman bested her American record with 71.16 meters (233 feet, 5 inches). Three days before the ISTAF competition, Allman won the Diamond League title at Zurich.

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