Sydney Kennett

Year: 2019
Award: Indoor Skydiving
Location/Affiliation: Sagewood Middle School

  • Guinness World Record Holder
  • 2-time Indoor Skydiving National Champion
  • Youngest-Ever Sportswomen of Colorado Hall of Fame Inductee

Let’s just get this out of the way. Indoor skydiver Sydney Kennett is an eighth grader at Sagewood Middle School in Parker and is just 13 years old. This is her third Sportswomen of Colorado award. Which puts her in our Hall of Fame. Making her our youngest hall of famer, ever!

Obviously, youth has never held Sydney back. In 2019, she represented her sport to the fullest by successfully defending her U.S. National Title in Junior Freestyle to become a 2-time national champion. If that wasn’t enough, Sydney also qualified for the U.S. Indoor Skydiving team and competed at the World Championships in France.

At worlds, she was the youngest competitor among 350 athletes. But, wait. There’s more. In 2019 Sydney Kennett also set a Guinness World Record for completing the most indoor skydiving straddle spins in just one minute. The old record was 31 and Sydney mare than doubled it, completing 69 spins. Adding to her accomplishments, in 2020, Sydney won nationals for the third year in a row!

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