Scott Stocker

Year: 2023
Award: Dorothy Mauk Pioneer Award
Location/Affiliation: Journalist

  • Set to be inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame

He speaks Swahili. Served in Vietnam. Earned a Bronze Star as a combat-zone nurse. Sang in a world premiere opera. Is set to be inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame. AND, he delivered nine babies! So who would guess that “Colorado Sidelines” and “Rocky Mountain News” journalist Scott Stocker was also one of the earliest and most dedicated advocates for female athletics? Starting in the early 1970s, Scott pioneered the novel concept that girls prep sports should get equal coverage in the media. And, when the brand new Colorado Coaches of Girls Sports needed guidance about running their organization and creating their own all-state games, it was Scott who stepped up to help. For that, and so much more, we honor Scott with our Dorothy Mauk Pioneer Award. Mauk was a pioneering journalist herself… the first of her kind in the entire country when she was hired as a sportswriter by the Denver Post in the 1960s. And, she’d be thrilled to know that her friend Scott Stocker is being recognized with the Mauk Pioneer Award.

By Marcia Nevile, Former TV Sports Broadcaster, 2-Time SWOC Honoree

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