Sarah Thomas – 2019

Most of the world got to know Sarah Thomas in Sept. of 2019. That’s when she became the first open-water ultra-marathon swimmer to swim across the English Channel four straight times! And, not only that, she did it just a few years after being diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing both radiation and chemotherapy.

Talk about an inspiring comeback. Sarah completed her historic swim in 54 hours. That’s 84 miles as the crow flies, not counting the extra miles logged due to powerful tides, currents and swells, in 64-degree-salt-water, with no flotation device, no wetsuit, no stopping… for just over two straight days!

But, that’s only part of her 2019 resume. Earlier in the year, Sarah set a women’s record for her San Francisco Bay swim around Angel Island, she crossed Cook Strait in New Zealand, and swam 32 miles in Colorado’s Blue Mountain Reservoir.

Sarah Thomas is an inspiration, our Sportswoman of the Year and a new member of our Hall of Fame. She also gives back. When she’s not swimming, Sarah speaks to young women’s groups and cancer survivors’ support networks.

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