Sara Crawford

Year: 2019
Award: Coach of the Year, High School
Location/Affiliation: Kit Carson High School Basketball

  • 3-peat 1A Basketball State Champion
  • 77-Game Winning Streak

So, what did you accomplish from March 2016 through December 2019? Spoiler alert. It’s going to be very hard to top our High School Coach of the Year Sara Crawford and her Kit Carson Wildcats team. Their run was epic, filled with overwhelming joy along with and more than a bit of pressure.

Over that time span, the little school on the eastern plains in Cheyenne County became legendary. Crawford coached the team to 77 wins in a row. And, along the way, they collected three straight 1A state titles.

It wasn’t just that they won. It was how they won. During the streak, only one team came within single digits of upsetting the Wildcats!

It’s an impressive mark, but the Grizzlies’ and Sara Crawford’s legend grows even bigger when you take a look at their record beyond that 77-0 and expand the timeframe. The five-year Kit Carson record was a mind-blowing 123-2.


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