Sportswomen Speak – Episode 1 – Joan Birkland

birkland-joanSportswomen Speak Episode 1 features Colorado sports legend and Sportswomen of Colorado founder Joan Birkland.

A multi-sport athlete, Joanie shares how she got her start in tennis, basketball and golf. She delves into what theĀ sports world was like for women pre-Title IX, and the impact it’s had, including early specialization.

Joanie talks about her match against U.S. Open champion Althea Gibson, and how she organized a tackle football game between sororities at the University of Colorado at Boulder that got her briefly expelled.birkland-joan-2

The creation of Sportswomen of Colorado was one of Joanie’s proudest achievements, and she shares how she, along with a smallĀ group of women, started the organization.

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