Mary Smith

Year: 2022
Award: Comeback
Location/Affiliation: Masters Track and Field

  • After an injury, returned to set records 
  • World ranking of #1 in the 400m
  • 1st in the US and 5th in the World in the 200m

Having all three hamstrings reattached after tearing off the bone sounds like devastating surgery to most people. Mary Smith is not most people.

The 81 years young runner not only had that surgery, she also came back to compete on the national scene.  Mary’s first post-surgery race took place in February of 2022 at the indoor Mid-American meet in Colorado Springs.  She “only” ran in the 60-meter event because doing more wasn’t possible at that point in her rehab.  No worries though, she set a new record for her age in the event.  Her next event was a few months later in July in Lexington, Kentucky. This time she ran the 400 meter and for the first time she also ran the 200.  She won the 200 by almost 5 seconds and the 400 by 12 seconds.  In that same event, Mary also ran anchor in the 4X100 with her friends. Why not right?

Mary finished 2022 with very impressive Masters Rankings: she’s 2nd in the USA and 5th in the world in the 100, 1st in the USA and 3rd in the word in the 200 and rules the roost in the 400 meter as first in the world, and the USA.  Our Comeback Award Winner in Masters Track & Field, Mary Smith.

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