Maggie Guterl

Year: 2019
Award: Ultrarunning
Location/Affiliation: Durango

  • Ran 250 miles in 60 hours
  • Silverton Alpine Marathon Champion

When an endurance runner competes in races with names like Labor Pain, Dawn to Dusk to Dawn, and Georgia Death, one thing is very clear. She is tough, extremely tough.

Durango ultrarunner Maggie Guterl is exactly that kind of tough, and the 39-year-old was tougher than ever in 2019.

How tough? This is probably all you need to know. At a race in Tennessee called Big’s Backyard Ultra, she ran 250 miles in 60 hours, averaging just 53 minutes for every four miles.

Think about that a minute. Maggie took just 60 hours to run 250 miles! That’s almost ten marathons in just three days! The idea behind the race is to be the last person still standing. She was the last person standing. And the first woman to ever take first place.

Now, that’s tough! And, Maggie Guterl got tough in Colorado, too, winning the Silverton Alpine Marathon and taking 2nd in the Telluride Mountain Run.

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