Laura Knoblach

Year: 2019
Award: Ultra-Ironman Triathlon
Location/Affiliation: Boulder

  • Completed Equivalent of 20 Ironmans
  • Completed Equivalent of 20 Ironman Triathlons in One Single Event
  • Competed for 26 Days, Broke Women’s Record by 9 Hours

Imagine competing in an athletic contest that lasts 26 grueling days. Now imagine what it must be like to even try and prepare for such an event. Sportswomen of Colorado is proud to award Laura Knoblach with the Ultra-IronmanTriathlon award.

In 2019, Laura won the Double Deca Ultra Triathlon in Mexico. In order to fully understand her accomplishment, you have to first wrap your head around the astounding difficulties of the event. This specific 2019 Ultra Triathlon lasted 26 days. Not hours. Days!

When it was completed, Laura had finished the equivalent of 20 Ironman Triathlons. She swam 48 miles. She biked 2,240 miles. And she ran 524 miles. Her winning time was 633 hours, 41 minutes, 39 seconds, which broke the previous women’s record for the event by nine hours!

Take a moment to savor all that Laura did in order to prepare for such a grueling endeavor. Then try and grasp what it must be like to compete for 633 hours over 26 days. What Laura Knoblach accomplished in 2019 is absolutely extraordinary!

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