Keri Atchison

Year: 2019
Award: Swede Johnson Spirit Award
Location/Affiliation: Mountain Vista High School

  • Led Squad Through Unimaginable Loss
  • League & Regional Champions

Mountain Vista Pom Squad Coach Keri Atchison is the Sportswomen of Colorado 2019 Swede Johnson Spirit Award winner. Swede Johnson was a longtime supporter of the Sportswomen of Colorado organization as well as a businessman, sportsman, and community benefactor who inspired everyone with his “never-say-die” attitude. Atchison and her team truly embodied that spirit in 2019.

The Mountain Vista Poms squad is a powerhouse in the world of high school spirit. In 2019, they earned the titles of League Champion, Regional Champion, and State Runner-Up. They performed at the highest level of competition with an awe-inspiring dance that impressed every audience.

But, their competitive success takes a backseat to the courage and resilience that the coach and the squad displayed in 2019 when four different athletes experienced the loss of their parents. Keri’s words might say it best. “With each loss they rallied around each other and created a circle of support that carried each of them through unimaginable losses…After 19 years of coaching, I have never been prouder and impressed by a group of athletes.”

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