Jaleesa Himka

Year: 2023
Award: Ninja Warrior
Location/Affiliation: University School of Colorado Springs

  • Three “3-Peat” Obstacle Course World Championships
  • Youngest Athlete to win the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships

You’ve heard of the American Ninja Warrior TV show? Probably watched it? But, did you know that Ninja obstacle course racing will be included in the 2028 Olympics. And, that one of the top contenders to compete there is a teenager who attends the University School of Colorado Springs? Her name is Jaleesa Himka. The TV show is described as featuring “America’s most difficult obstacle courses” and Himka was just 15 when she qualified for the national finals. Then, while she was there, she became the youngest female to ever conquer the famous spider wall. “Youngest-ever” is kinda her thing. At the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships, she was–again– the “youngest ever” to win three… back-to-back… age group world titles… at three distances. All of that makes Jaleesa HImka our “first”-ever Ninja Warrior honoree! (I wonder what our founding godmothers would have thought about that?!)

By Marcia Nevile, Former TV Sports Broadcaster, 2-Time SWOC Honoree

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