Gail Klock

Year: 2019
Award: Coach of the Year, Masters Softball
Location/Affiliation: Peaches Senior Women’s Softball

  • Coached While Undergoing Chemotherapy
  • Created Five Different Intergenerational Teams
  • Coached While Undergoing Chemotherapy

As far as masters softball coach Gail Klock is concerned, age shouldn’t be a factor for sportswomen who want to get in the game. Gail coached the Colorado Peaches Senior Women’s Softball team, and also formed 5 different intergenerational teams, ages 50-88. She gave every senior athlete the opportunity to play and compete at Nationals, the State Olympic Tournaments, as well as The Huntsman World Senior Games

But, there’s another side to Gail’s story that’s even more powerful. In 2019 Gail had a profound influence in the lives of nearly fifty senior women athletes, despite having multiple surgeries and chemotherapy treatments.

When the “Ripe Peaches” team won Silver at Nationals, Gail coached via live-streaming from her phone while lying in a hospital bed after major cancer surgery. Then she traveled to New Mexico to coach the 70-plus team to a Silver medal. She even coached and strategized from her wheelchair, giving feedback and shouting encouragement to improve everyone’s performance.

Gail inspires and motivates the athletes, and she also mentorsfuture coaches! Thank you, Gail Klock, for your enormous contribution and your 50-year coaching career.

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