Empowering the Next Generation

Nov 15, 2023

Sportswomen of Colorado, founded with a vision to empower and celebrate the achievements of female athletes, is taking a proactive approach to support the next generation of sportswomen. By supporting and funding a summer camp scholarship program and by partnering with collegiate women’s sports teams, they have directly impacted communities, sharing their expertise and passion for sports with young girls in Title I elementary schools.

Over 240 kids from the front range were impacted by the two programs in 2023 and the collaboration between Sportswomen of Colorado and local universities exemplifies the power that sports have to empower the younger generation. The ripple effect extends to families, schools, and communities.

The mother of one of the summer campers stated, “My daughter doesn’t get a lot of opportunities to interact with female athletes of color so the opportunity to build relationships with them had a profound effect. Thank you again for the time, effort and resources that went into creating this experience for her!”

Coach Perkins, Associate Head Coach at the University of Northern Colorado reiterated how much they enjoy being a part of the Greeley community by saying, “We appreciate Sportswomen of Colorado bringing us out allowing us to give back to the community.  We really enjoy doing things like this where we get to teach the younger generation basketball skills and just skills in life. Our players really enjoy giving back!