Brooke Raboutou

Year: 2019
Award: Sport Climbing
Location/Affiliation: U.S. National Sport Climbing Team

  • 2020 Olympic Team
  • Set 7 Climbing Records Before She was 12
  • 2020 U.S. Olympic Team

Not many of us have heard of sport climbing before, but it has become the latest trend in the sporting world. Sportswomen of Colorado is honored to award Brooke Raboutou with the 2019 award in sport climbing. Before she was 12 years old, Brooke had already set seven climbing records!

She had quite the unforgettable year in 2019.

Sport climbing consists of three disciplines, all performed on man-made climbing walls: bouldering (agility and flexibility); lead climbing (height gained); and speed (timed vertical ascent). In March 2019, Brooke was named to the first-ever U.S. National Sport Climbing Team. After being named to the team, she then traveled to Japan for the International Federation of Sport Climbing World Championships. As a result of her performance there in all three climbing disciplines, she was named to the U.S. Olympic Team.

As Brooke says, “When I’m high on a climbing wall, I feel in control and just happy!” We can’t wait to see how Brooke continues to takes the sport climbing world by storm!

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