Addie Osborne

Year: 2023
Award: Softball, High School
Location/Affiliation: Erie High School

  • 5A Player of the Year
  • Batting .518 with 58 runs batted in
  • Best single-season hitting performance in state history

Standing at 5’4”, Addie Osborne of the Erie Tigers led the state in home run power. 19 balls over the fence in the fall season of 2023 set a record for the best single season of home runs in last 15 years. The accomplishment will go down as one of the best single-season hitting performances in state history. Osborne said “I think it’s more important to just hit for the team, but home runs are cool.” Her other numbers are pretty cool too batting .518 with 58 runs batted in. These numbers helped lead the Captain Osbrone’s Erie Tigers to the 5A State title game and her being named the 5A Player of the Year. She is a member of the 2023 PGF National runner up team CO Stars and will continue playing at Rutgers University. Our winner in high school softball is Addie Osborne.

By: Jenny Cavnar, MLB broadcaster



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